What Tet (Lunar New Year) in Orange County, California

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What Tet (Lunar New Year) in Orange County, California

Tet (Lunar New Year) is an important occasion for people of Vietnamese origin around the world to pay respects and remember their ancestors, grandparents, and loved ones in the family, and welcome a new beginning with hopes for a new year. nice. Vietnamese people in the US are no exception.

Vietnamese ex-pats in Orange County, California celebrate Tet, even though they know it can’t be compared to the Tet event in their homeland. Folk activities like the joyous lion dance and loud firecrackers are still performed occasionally, and they’re a lot of fun. If you want to visit Anaheim around the Lunar New Year, book cheap rooms Anaheim immediately because it’s less than a month until the Lunar New Year has arrived.

1. What is Tet?

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People in Asian countries celebrate Tet by visiting temples to pay respects to their ancestors. Everyone in Vietnam and around the world comes home for Tet, the most important Vietnamese festival, to celebrate.

Winter solstice normally takes place in the months of January or February each year. It’s a time to get together with family and friends, embark on pilgrimages, and send good wishes to one another for the upcoming year.

2. Tet is an official holiday in California

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The Lunar New Year has been designated as a day of significance by California Governor Jerry Brown.

This year’s Lunar New Year, known as Tet in Vietnam, will be formally recognized by California Senators Richard Pan and Scott Wiener in Senate Bill 892, which mandates that the Governor acknowledge the celebration annually.

Bill encourages all public educational institutions to undertake exercises honoring the Lunar New Year traditions and cultural importance, as well as the contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Californians to the state.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Pan stated the bill’s passage “recognizes the rich heritage of one of the most recognized festivals worldwide and demonstrates to API communities in our state, that we are all members of the California family.”

San Francisco Mayor Alex Wiener noted that API communities have played an important role in California’s history and helped shape the state into what it is today.

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself to welcome and honor our API communities. For Wiener, it’s a great honor that California will celebrate Lunar New Year’s significance.

This year’s Chinese New Year vacation will be observed by numerous California school districts, including San Francisco. This year, the California State Board of Education declared the Lunar New Year to be a holiday of particular significance.

Asian and Pacific Islanders around the world celebrate Lunar New Year, including those living and working in the United States.

Around 6 million Californians identify as Asian (2017, United States Census Bureau). There are more Asian Americans in California than in any other state. More than 600,000 of them, namely, are Vietnamese (United States Census Bureau)

3. How is Tet celebrated in Orange Country, Cali?

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Similar to the traditional Tet culture in Vietnam, the American expatriates will also begin to be as bustling as in the last days of the year. During Tet, Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County are almost always full because Vietnamese compatriots organize year-end meetings and parties.

When Tet comes, Vietnamese markets in the US are also crowded with people to shop. These markets will sell all kinds of fruits, jams and Tet items, although not as diverse as in Vietnam, there is almost no shortage of important things of Vietnamese Tet. And of course, it is indispensable for Chung cake, Tet cake, Tet cakes, etc. The Tet flower market in Orange County is equally bustling with all kinds of flowers used to decorate the altar and living room.

Coming to Orange County on this occasion, you will still see familiar images such as wine, flowers and ornamental plants to display in the house, also make rice offerings to ancestors on the afternoon of the 30th, also peeled Chung Cake on the morning of the 1st, and also performed a ceremony to see him off. on the afternoon of the 4th of Tet.

It can be seen that despite being far from home, our overseas Vietnamese never forget the unique culture of the nation. In one way or another, they always create for themselves a warm and happy Tet atmosphere at the beginning of the new year. If you are planning to book a tour of Orange County on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, please contact us for the most meaningful trip.

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