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Top 10 Room Master Bed Suite, Private Bath Near Disneyland

Choosing cheap rooms Anaheim requires a lot of careful consideration. As demand for rooms in the area is great, there is also a large supply. It’s important to be extremely picky even if the market is highly competitive.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply rely on an individual’s online reputation to make an informed decision. Online reviews and ratings can be readily faked, so do your research before making a reservation. For this list of top 10 cheap rooms Anaheim, we took into account the historical patronage of tourists and visitors, as well as the preferences of locals.

1. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Johnny)

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I’m pleased to welcome you to my newly restored private guest studio. The guest room is light and airy. Beautiful spacious bathroom with everything you need. It is near amusement parks, beaches, restaurants, and more.

It has Private suite access. Keyless entry – August smart lock technology for maximum security and convenience. The driveway can accommodate one car. If you intend to park on the street, please notify me so I can inform you of the street sweeping schedule.

Double beds with comfortable mattresses and a futon for extra guests. Extra pillows and blankets. It comfortably sleeps 4. 5. A $20/night visitor Dishes and utensils are provided.

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There’s tea, coffee, and light bites. Bathroom with towels, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, hairdryer, lotion

Portable air conditioner and heater, Netflix, Water in mini-fridge Ironing board.

2. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Ryan)

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Located in Orange County, this house is about 10 minutes from Disneyland, 11 minutes from Knott Berry Farms, and 15 minutes from Anaheim Convention Center. It’s the perfect place to unwind. It has a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, a variety of in-room amenities, and a TV with Netflix.

Come and relax in the comfort of our newly renovated kitchen, huge living room, and private backyard. Free parking is available in the driveway and in front of the home.

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There is no charge for new towels, water, or toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash). Guests have access to the following amenities: a private bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, and a backyard.

The check-in time might be as late as 11 p.m. Code and keypad are required for entry. The door to the chamber can be locked with a key. Remember to add an extra guest when making a reservation for more than one person. Host a live event on-site.

3. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Hien)

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This cheap rooms Anaheim is near Disneyland, Huntington Beach, and Knott’s Berry Farm. Master bedroom with king-size bed, sleeps four. A lockable side gate allows access to the master bedroom without entering via the front door. Stunning gazebo with dining table, two aquariums, and outdoor kitchen.

A solitary boarding house room Close to Disneyland, Huntington Beach, and Knott’s Berry Farm. Near the 405 and 22.

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Guests have access to Room with two sofabeds One private bath. Netflix and Wi-Fi. . Refrigerant A/C with a split design. Shower and WC in bathroom tv My, my, my! No coffee beans, coffee machine, filtered water, instant coffee powder, or tea bags. Shampoo and conditioner The outdoor kitchen has pots and pans.

All faucets also include pre-filters to provide clean drinking water. The host is a free online Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, and meditation instructor. If you need further info, message the host.

4. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Quynh)

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Located in a non-gated Orange County townhome complex. End-unit townhouses often have a private master bedroom on the property’s corner. There is only ONE overnight parking spot. No one else has overnight parking privileges. Keypad self-check-in.

Guests should be aware that there are security cameras around the house and at the private entrance.

For two travelers, a small group of pals, or a family of four. a child with parents The master suite has its own door, bathroom, and private backyard. Parents can enjoy a beautiful queen bed and a couch bed for one child.

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We include a small fridge, microwave, and electric kettle. Drinks and snacks are all free. The bathroom is fully equipped, featuring an ironing board and iron.

The backyard, pool, and tennis court are all quite useful.

5. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Jenny)

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With a private entrance and en-suite bathroom, this is a spacious master bedroom. In addition to a reserved parking spot in front of the gate, guests will have access to a large amount of street parking. The house is close to everything. This is a calm and secure area. It’s perfect for a journey away on business or a holiday.

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If you’re looking for privacy, this room has its own entrance, but you’ll have to share a laundry room and dryer with another Airbnb offering.

6. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Jonathan)

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Private entrance, complete bath, kitchenette, full-size bed and private balcony with grill. A futon that unfolds into a full-sized bed can sleep four people. It’s close to the airport and several Southern California attractions.

You own everything in the in-law suite, so you have absolute control. Our property and another Airbnb unit share 260 square feet of living area with two shared walls. The kitchenette has a toaster oven and two hot plates in addition to a full toilet. You have all the pots and pans, silverware, and plates you need to create supper. There is also a refrigerator available. Towels and linens are complimentary. We’ve offered free coffee and tea. There is no cable, but there is a smart TV and a DVD player.

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On your private patio, there is a barbecue and chairs. The in-law suite has its own private entrance.

Free coffee and tea are available. Your stay includes towels and bed linens. Your cheap rooms Anaheim have a smart TV but no cable.

7. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Aimee)

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You can reach the city’s busiest thoroughfare in only two minutes from this calm, middle-class neighborhood, which is located just west of downtown Los Angeles. McDonald’s, Stater Bros, Yoshinoya, Taco Bell, and a liquor shop are all within walking distance.

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In a newly remodeled two-story single-family home, the guest rooms are located on the second floor and feature standard-sized beds and mattresses as well as a computer desk, an armchair, a mini-refrigerator on the floor, and vinyl flooring. The zebra-shade blinds on the windows provide light privacy.

8. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Kelvin)

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A safe and orderly district encircled by an enclosed wall is located in the heart of Los Angeles, close to major freeways such as the 5, 105, and 605 freeways. Nearby attractions include the beach and Disneyland.

Located on the second floor of a two-story home, the master bedroom features a two-mattress bed, a computer desk, a refrigerator, a microwave, a closet, and warm color vinyl floor and decorations.

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Parking is available on both sides of the street, with a front gate code lock, WiFi, a kitchen, a living room, a washing machine, and a dryer in the laundry room.

Only 2 minutes from Los Angeles’ busy #5 freeway, this peaceful, middle-class neighborhood is tucked away on the west side of town. McDonald’s and Stater Bros. are within easy walking distance.

9. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Tim)

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One-story detached property in Rowland Gang’s busiest Chinese commercial neighborhood, ideal for short or long-term visits. Walk after supper or take the kids to a nearby park. It’s easy to shop in the area with so many Chinese supermarkets and huge malls nearby. Friends who dislike cooking. Nearby are some of the top Chinese/American fast food places and authentic Chinese cuisine. Disneyland is a half-hour drive away, while the Outlets Mall is 35 minutes. There is also a shuttle to LAX. Each room has private keys and locks to safeguard personal belongings. All cheap rooms Anaheim in here have towels and toiletries.

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This table will allow you to enjoy your lunch in style. Relax in your own home in the afternoons and nights and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of America. We also have a washer and dryer so you can wash your clothes often and always have the lovely aroma of clean clothes with you. With 100 MB of bandwidth and ultra-fast internet, you can’t go wrong!

10. Master bed suite, private bath near Disneyland (Hosted by Kim)

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It’s a peaceful neighborhood. Close to shopping, dining, and the 60 highway. As we look forward to providing you with the best service possible,

Near Chinese and Korean groceries, restaurants, and Highway 60, this is a safe and peaceful area. Thank you for visiting the Travelers website.

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It’s roomy, bright, clean, and tidy, and there’s easy access to the property. The bathroom here is private and in good condition. Guests are welcome to use the kitchen and the living room as a test kitchen.

All visitors to Disneyland want to save money while still experiencing the finest that Anaheim has to offer, thus they will stay in cheap rooms Anaheim.

Visit the website: to find dependable cheap rooms Anaheim. We are always confident in providing you with the best service possible!

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