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Places To Hang Out in Anaheim

For those who are familiar with Disneyland, Anaheim, California, is the place where the park is located, as well as a number of nearby hotels. The area around Disney World has a lot more to offer than just roller coasters and theme park attractions.

As a launching point for trips to Los Angeles and San Diego, Anaheim is ideally situated. Hollywood glitz and San Diego’s world-famous Sea World are both within easy driving distance. For complete cultural immersion, head south to Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border from Baja California Sur. In Anaheim, you’ll find beaches, boardwalks, and beautiful sands to relax on. If you’re looking to get away from it all, the deserts of inland California are just a short drive away but feel like a world away from the metropolis.

You might have a look at some of the most popular places to hang out and rent cheap rooms Anaheim from Roomsanaheim below!

1. Catalina Island

It was in the late nineteenth century that tourists first began flocking to Catalina Island, an idyllic off-shore getaway. For the most part, they’ve been coming ever since it’s a wonderful place to get away from it all. If you’re a fan of the sea, Catalina Island is a short boat ride away from the beaches of Anaheim.

There is a plethora of marine life to observe while snorkeling or scuba diving the coral reefs. To see the coral from the surface, you can take semi-submersibles or glass-bottom boats around the island. There are also plenty of sandy beaches where you can relax.

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2. Newport Beach

See the massive waves that build offshore and crash into the beachfront in Newport Beach. Inexperienced surfers will find it ideal, but even those who don’t ride waves will be awestruck by the majestic majesty of the water.

On any given day, you may find miles and miles of beaches to relax on and boardwalks to wander down, with restaurants, bars and cheap rooms Anaheim galore serving as scenic rest breaks.

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3. Whale Watching

One of the few places in the world where whales and dolphins can be spotted year-round in Newport Beach, California. Tours are available every day of the year. However, the time of year you come will decide which species of whales you are most likely to encounter.

During the summer and fall months, the migration of blue whales can be observed. They are awe-inspiring to behold in person. During the winter and spring months, you’re likely to see the migration of gray whales, which is a truly unique sight to see in the Californian ocean.

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4. Huntington Beach

Among the various beaches in Southern California, Huntington Beach is a popular spot for surfers eager to ride the massive waves.

Additionally, the Huntington Beach Pier, which was erected in 1904, can be found in the city of Huntington Beach. If you’re up for a long walk, you’ll get a wonderful perspective of the crashing waves, the surfers riding the waves, and the sweeping vistas down the entire coastline to the north and south. It’s almost 600 meters long.

Dolphins and even whales can be spotted far out at sea during the right time of day. There is a fair probability of spotting huge marine creatures along the California coast throughout the year.

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5. Laguna Beach

It’s no surprise that Laguna Beach has some of the best surfing and swells in the world. Land lovers can explore the rugged cliffs instead of leaping into the ocean, which is a long cry from the tranquility of a beach.

They’re not lengthy beaches but rather cliff-framed coves and inlets that provide a sheltered bay along the shore and look stunning from above. To get away from the beach, there are plenty of cheap rooms Anaheim, art galleries and a growing cultural scene in Laguna Beach, which is a great place to spend the day.

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6. Hollywood

It’s impossible to visit California and not see Hollywood; it’s an iconic part of the state. On a day trip from Anaheim, you can visit the movie studios and sets of your favorite stars. It’s possible that you’ll get a glimpse of the filming process itself.

For the ultimate keepsake from your vacation to Los Angeles, you may take a picture of the Hollywood sign from the top of the hills above the city; it’s a great way to remember your time there.

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7. Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the most recognizable of the several film studios in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

It’s worth spending a full day here, visiting the authentic original Hollywood studio, exploring the attractions and riding the roller coasters.

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8. San Diego

San Diego is California’s southernmost city and the state’s second-largest. You can see Tijuana across the border in this area of the United States-Mexico border.

San Diego has a rich Spanish and Mexican heritage, making it a cultural crossroads. As a bonus, it’s just a short drive from cheap rooms Anaheim, so travelers can enjoy the beach and the sunshine as they make their way south.

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9. San Diego Zoo

Since its inception in 1916, the San Diego Zoo has served as a destination for people from all over the globe who want to see animals from all over the world.

At the San Diego Zoo, you can get up and personal with thousands of species from all over the world.

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10. Tijuana

Tijuana can be reached in a single day from Anaheim if you travel further south than San Diego; beyond the Mexican border is the metropolis. It’s easy for visitors to cross the border and spend the day in Mexico before returning to California at night.

There are many pubs and restaurants catering to tourists who cross the border in Tijuana, even if it may be perceived as a wild frontier city. Remember to carry your passport if you plan on spending the day there.

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11. Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a world different from the theme parks and movie studios that populate the coastal area but still close to cheap rooms Anaheim. Desert living can be made a little more bearable in this environment thanks to hot springs, golf courses and spas.

Palm Springs has an aerial tramway that will carry you through the canyon and provide panoramic views of the surrounding desert scenery for miles in every direction.

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12. Joshua Tree National Park

You can get to Joshua Tree National Park by driving a few hours from Anaheim.

It’s a popular destination for rock climbers and hikers who want to get a taste of the actual desert, thanks to its abundance of Joshua Trees. It’s a world apart from the rest of the world, and the awe-inspiring beauty could make you want to spend more than a day here.

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13. Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the most Hispanic city in the United States, and it is the largest in Orange County.

Visiting Santa Ana is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Latino culture that you won’t find anyplace else in the United States unless you cross the Mexican border. It’s a fascinating look at California’s past when cultures come together here.

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14. San Bernardino

While most individuals have had a McDonald’s burger at some point in their lives, very few people are aware that the first McDonald’s restaurant debuted in San Bernardino, a city located just north of Anaheim, California. There are many cheap rooms in Anaheim which you pick from.

An excursion to this location will allow you to see where the first McDonald’s was built and how it spread across the globe. Many McDonald’s lovers visit the location of the original fast-food restaurant to witness the old advertising billboards and a bit of history in an off-beat city, and it’s an unofficial museum.

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15. Slab City

Slab City is the oddest day trip from Anaheim. An abandoned military barracks has been taken over by squatters, artists, and anyone else who wants to live off the grid in the middle of a desolate desert.

Artists and recluses from all around the world have gathered here to form an oddly diverse society remote from the bustling coastal cities. Despite its remote location, Slab City welcomes tourists who wish to explore the area and perhaps stay awhile.

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The places to hang out in Anaheim suggested by Roomsanaheim are listed above. You can visit our website on a frequent basis to stay up to speed on the most recent travel information, service specials and an easy way to find cheap rooms Anaheim.


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