Things To Do in Anaheim with Kids

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Things To Do in Anaheim with Kids

Anaheim is best known for its Disneyland Resort, but the city’s other family-friendly attractions are also worth a visit. The top things to do in Anaheim with kids include not only theme parks but also possibilities for education, exercise, wonderful food, and trips to adjacent cities. At, you’ll find discounted tickets, trips, and cheap rooms Anaheim, as well as special offers.

I. Things to do in Anaheim with kids

In Anaheim and the surrounding area, you’ll find a wide variety of attractions that will appeal to everyone in your family. Of course, theme parks are at the top of the list.

1. Disneyland Park

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Anaheim’s most popular attraction, Disneyland Park. Even while much has remained the same since “The Happiest Place on Earth” opened under Walt Disney’s leadership in 1955, the recent addition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has boosted attendance at “The Happiest Place.”

Among the more than 90 rides and attractions at Disneyland are classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Dumbo. It was an honor to be able to grow up right next door to a beautiful park. As an adult, it’s just as much joy to visit. As Annual Passholders, we like to return as often as possible.

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2. Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland Park’s original parking lot was repurposed for Disney California Adventure’s opening in 2001. The two parks are direct across the street from one another, making it simple to go from one to the other (you might want to consider Park Hopper tickets which you can also buy at a discount).

Cars Land is a favorite among toddlers and younger children. Because Radiator Springs Racers here is a top-notch Disney ride, adults will have just as much fun as children. As youngsters become older, they seek out thrill rides like Mission: Breakout! or the Incredicoaster for their inversions. Avenger’s Campus, a new site, will open later this year. You can easily discover cheap rooms Anaheim in the surrounding area.

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3. Adventure City

Taking a break from the crowds at Disneyland? Take the kids to Adventure City, a smaller theme park that is one of Anaheim’s best-kept secrets. Admission for a family of four is cheaper than a one-day pass to Disneyland.

Two roller coasters are part of Adventure City’s 17 rides. Non-ride activities like a petting zoo and interactive dance parties at Stage 39 keep everyone entertained. The Adventure City Express Train will take you on a tour of the entire park when you’re ready to take a break from the action.

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4. Angel Stadium

Angel Stadium is a must-see for any baseball fan visiting Anaheim with kids throughout the season. The stadium is buzzing with excitement and camaraderie. Taking home a life-sized plastic Angels baseball hat-shaped plate of nachos from the game is part of the pleasure. There’s also a full bar and plenty of MLB memorabilia to take home with you.

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5. Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

The Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center is one of Anaheim’s most distinctive family attractions. Packages ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes are available for flying and fighter pilot training. Simulated experiences feel quite real and do not require any prior knowledge of the subject matter. As part of your preparation for this once in a lifetime adventure, you’ll receive classroom instruction and in-flight instruction.

Despite the fact that Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center isn’t open all day, it’s a great thing to do in the afternoon or evening after a day of fun at Disneyland before returning to cheap rooms Anaheim and resting.

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6. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is a great place to take the kids to burn off some of their extra energy. Here, you may test your strength and agility on the Ninja Warrior course, a dodgeball court, and a freestyle jump area.

If you’ve ever wanted to test your free climbing abilities, this bouldering wall spans over a foam pit. Make the most of Sky Zone’s Toddler Time Program, which provides a safe and engaging environment for this age group.

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7. Bowlmor Lanes

Fun and distinctive Bowlmor Lanes offers 41 bowling lanes, a sports bar and arcade section, as well as a billiards and pool room. Large HD television walls show everything from music videos to live sports in the hip bowling lanes. In addition to free Wi-Fi, Bowlmor Lanes is accessible to people with disabilities. The use of private lanes is permitted.

It’s always fun to celebrate a loved one’s special day with food at Bowlmor Lanes in Anaheim, where you may order delicious burgers and snacks for your guests’ enjoyment.

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8. Rock City Climbing Center

There are a number of places where you may hone your rock-climbing skills or introduce your children to the activity. Check out Rock City Climbing Center, which has received excellent reviews for its friendly, laid-back vibe. Depending on your degree of expertise, you’ll have access to a variety of climbing options. You’ll have a great time regardless of whether you want to try bouldering or take on the challenge of scaling a top-roping wall. Chalk bags, shoes, and harnesses are all included in the cost of the day packages. And recently, there have also been several cheap rooms Anaheim that you may refer to save money.

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9. Great Wolf Lodge Day Pass

The water park at Great Wolf Lodge, which is generally available only to those staying the night, offers day passes for those who want to bring the whole family along. Indoors, the temperature is regulated at 84 degrees, making this one of the Anaheim kids’ activities that is especially good if it rains. Life jackets are included, and children under the age of 2 are not required to purchase a ticket to participate.

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10. Starlight Cinema City Theatres

It’s always fun to take the family to the movies, whether you’re at home or just visiting Anaheim for the day.

This theater’s unique selling point is that it shows both recent movies and timeless classics. As a result, you may take your kids to see a new movie one night and a classic like the original Superman the following night in a spacious, comfy theater.

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11. Camelot Golfland

After renting cheap rooms Anaheim, visiting Camelot Golfland is one of the best things to do in Anaheim with kids because it’s more than just a miniature golf course. Arcade games, laser tag, Fastcar racing (which requires a valid driver’s license and has size restrictions), bumper cars, and bumper boats are among the activities available.

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12. Anaheim ICE

When it comes to winter activities in Anaheim, who says you can’t do them? Anaheim ICE is a great place to cool down if you’ve had enough of the heat. Take advantage of public skating opportunities, learn to skate, or celebrate a special occasion while skating. The Ultimate Skate & Hockey Pro Shop is also located on-site, where you can purchase figure skating apparel and souvenirs.

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13. K1 Speed

Do you have a strong desire for speed in your life? K1 Speed is a popular pastime for children in Anaheim. Electric go-karting is available for all ability levels at the location. You can race against up to 11 other racers at a time if you choose the Arrive & Drive option.

Like other racing games, this one does not award you solely on the basis of chance. Instead, each racer is rewarded for his or her talent and strategy on the course. Using live telemetry, you can keep an eye on your performance on the track and make modifications as needed.

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14. Cross Roads Escape Games

Become a part of the craze for escape rooms at Cross Roads Escape Games, one of Anaheim’s most popular family attractions in addition to cheap rooms Anaheim. You’ll have to work together to solve riddles, uncover clues, and finally escape the room you’re in. USA Today has ranked it as the third-best escape room in the country.

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15. Center Street Promenade

Downtown Street Promenade in Anaheim’s refurbished center is a great place to shop for souvenirs and gifts. In the boutiques and restaurants, you’ll discover anything from artisanal jewelry to eco-friendly home goods.

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16. SwingIt Trapeze Lessons

You may learn everything from acrobatics to circus arts at SwingIt Trapeze. This is a great place to pick up the art of trapeze swinging, regardless of your level of athleticism. Everyone, even those with no previous experience in acrobatics, will walk away with the ability to accomplish moves that most people can only dream of.

When it comes to SwingIt Trapeze Lessons, students’ well-being is our main focus. Workers assist you to have fun in a safe environment by removing any potential dangers.

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17. Anaheim Packing District

Shops and restaurants line the streets of Anaheim’s historic Packing District. There are several Instagram-worthy sweets inside the Anaheim Packing House gourmet food court, which is a must-see for foodies. To conveniently enjoy them, you should get cheap rooms Anaheim nearby. The Packard House also has a pre-prohibition Anaheim Brewery. A win for both parents and children.

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18. Pearson Park Amphitheatre

As an evening entertainment venue, Pearson Park Amphitheatre serves families well. The amphitheater was established in 1927 but has since been modified to improve the comfort of its visitors. Over 2,000 people can be comfortably seated in the theater. Reserve tickets for forthcoming acts, such as live dance shows, balloon presentations, and live music, by visiting the amphitheater’s online ticketing page.

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II. Cheap rooms Anaheim for Families with Kids in Anaheim

In Anaheim, most vacation rentals were constructed with families in mind, which is great news. The most difficult part of the process is reducing the options.

It’s a good idea to stay in one of the cheap rooms Anaheim if you plan on visiting Disneyland. We enjoy the convenience of being close to both Disneyland and Downtown Disney. Our room guests can enter Disneyland or Disney California Adventure (depending on when you visit) an hour earlier than the general public, thanks to the Extra Magic Hour perk. You’ll be able to squeeze in more rides than you expect because you’ll be able to get farther into the park and have your FastPass selections loaded.

Cheap rooms Anaheim near Disneyland can also be found within walking distance or by using a free shuttle. As a family, I like the South Harbor Boulevard Anaheim family accommodations, such as the Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Gate, because the nearby eating and park security entrance are so convenient.

When booking an off-site hotel room, be sure it has been approved as a Good Neighbor Room, which signifies that the property has met Disney’s stringent requirements.

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