Top 10 Smart Tips in Planning A Trip to Disneyland

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If you want to make sure that your trip to Disneyland is enjoyable, stress-free and memorable, listen up. It’s not as easy as you think.

A lot of people book a trip to Disneyland, and they’re just so excited about seeing the Magic Kingdom that they fail to plan, and guess what happens?

They really don’t enjoy their trip as much as they could have. This is a shame because with a little bit of advance planning, you can maximize every single dollar you spend on your trip.

This is not just a matter of dollars and cents. This is also a matter of setting up things in such an efficient way that you get to see more of Disneyland.

This leads to you enjoying it more because you walk away with better experiences. That’s really the bottom line.

Unfortunately, several people don’t get this. That’s why they just rush in; they get all excited; and before they know it, the trip is over.

In fact, a lot of people are surprised that despite spending hundreds of dollars on their trip to Disneyland they were only able to go on a handful of rides and attractions.

To some people that’s perfectly fine. To others, it’s just a waste.

So, a little bit of advance planning can go a long way.

The first thing you need to do is to buy your tickets online. This saves a lot of headaches.

Other smart tips I can share with you are the following:

Make sure your vacation is based on availability

If you work at a typical job in the United States, there’s usually a lot of flexibility regarding your vacation time. If everybody’s on the same page regarding flexibility, you can then look at availability in Disneyland.

If you can, book your trip before the winter. This way, there is less long lines and there is less hassles. People are not getting on each other’s nerves. There is no unnecessary drama.

The further away you get from the peak season of summer, the less headaches you would have. Again, try to line up everybody’s vacation schedule so this can be a possibility.

Stay as close to Disneyland as possible

If your budget allows it, stay at a Disney Resort. However, if this is out of the question, look for rooms-for-rent that are close to Disneyland. There’s no shortage of this.

The most important thing is that you need to look at the right platforms, like Craigslist or Airbnb, to score a room that is close enough.

The great thing about all this is that since the volume of rooms available tend to follow demand, the price of your accommodations will likely fall substantially if you are going to book close to wintertime.

Be there early

As much as possible, be there early, and get ready to enjoy the day. You must understand that if you arrive late, you have less time to enjoy everything that Disneyland has to offer.

It’s also very disconcerting to see people who have flocked to the vicinity before you and have already formed a long line going to the places you would have wanted to go to before anyone did. Although you cannot guarantee to be there before others when you do arrive early, but at least give yourself a chance to try.

Pack light

You don’t need to bring your suitcase with you or your whole wardrobe. I know it’s very reasonable to prepare for all eventualities; to have something for the hot and cold weather, to have a change of clothes when you get sweaty or stinky, or to simply have a plethora of clothes to choose from to fit your every mood. However, it’s simply impractical for this trip. Just pack clothes for the season, and maybe a little extra for contingency.

When you arrive at Anaheim and you’re on your way to Disneyland, bring a handbag that has only the essentials, so you can walk comfortably. Anything you bring with you will eventually get heavy as you walk all day going to different places.

Dress for the weather.

Now, if you are planning to go to Disneyland in the winter, please understand that California weather is pretty much pleasant all year round, at least compared to the rest of the United States.

However, it can still get chilly. So, dress appropriately. Check the temperature range before you leave for Anaheim, and dress accordingly. It’s a good tip to dress casually and to just bring a jacket which you can put over your clothes in case it gets too cold for you, or which you can easily take off and stuff in your handbag in case it becomes warmer.

Download Disney’s Mobile App ahead of time

This is crucial. If you want to save time on booking rides or waiting in line, download Disney’s mobile app so, you don’t have to worry. Don’t be overwhelmed by technology but use it to your advantage. It was meant to help you make things easier.

All you need to do is to download the app from the App store or Google play store and take time to navigate your way around it so you will learn how it can help you.

Use FASTPASS, and MaxPass

This goes without saying if you downloaded the mobile app. If you browsed your way around the application, then you will learn that it has ways of helping you reserve seats to rides, attractions and shows in Disneyland as soon as you step foot on the park. This is an excellent way of dealing with the long queue inside the park. Most of the guests in Disneyland get disappointed by the fact that they have to wait so long and stand in line so much before they experience the rides and watch the shows that the like. But it’s part of being in a place frequented by so many tourists. It’s a fact of life. The only smart way to deal with it is to download the Disneyland app and take advantage of FastPass and MaxPass.

Just follow the instructions and learn about all the perks and benefits.

Come up with a plan for your preferred attractions

If you have certain rides that are top priority, put them on top of the list.

Make sure that the rest of your trips to attractions and rides center around those main rides. This way, you don’t miss out on what you came to Disneyland for.

Realize that you will never have time for everything. This is very important because people who think that there are enough hours in a day to get to all the places that you want to visit are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. It’s just not possible.

Accept the reality that time is limited and there is a need to prioritize and strategize. Plan your way around Disneyland and stick to it to maximize your stay.

Shop only when you’re done for the day

This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you.

Many people go to the memorabilia store the moment they arrive at Disneyland. It’s a bad move because you can easily spend hours there. So, do yourself a big favor.

Once you’re done checking out the rides and visiting the attractions that brought you to Disneyland in the first place, then and only then, could you give yourself permission to shop.

Plan your trip with kids in mind

If you are going with your kids, which you most probably are if you have a family, plan your way around Disneyland and in your entire trip, considering the fact that you have kids with you. It’s easy when it’s just you and your friends, or you and your husband. It’s less challenging when it’s just adults travelling. But the trip is brought to a whole new level of difficulty, with kids in tow.

So, do yourself a huge favor, configure your plans to include kids especially if they are very young, like babies and toddlers.

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