The Best Things To Do in Anaheim with Kids in Tow

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Touring alone is going to be very different than if you were touring with your children. Of course, it all depends on how old your children are.

If your children are toddlers, your experience and expectations will be different than if they were nearing their teenage years.

Whatever the case may be, you must prepare for your trip to Anaheim with a lot of considerations because you’re traveling with children.

Otherwise, if you just plan your trip based on how you would plan it as a single person or as a couple, it’s going to be tough for you and for your kids. What is enjoyable for you, will not likely be fun for your kids.

You don’t want to bore your kids or make them feel left out.

Also, if they can tell that it’s an adult trip, they’re not going to be happy, they might act out and it’s going to be a hassle for everybody.

Plan your trip around the fact that you are taking along kids and go to places that will be appropriate for their ages. With that said, here are some key suggestions.

Star Wars Galaxies Edge

This great tour of Star Wars is a great attraction for children because kids of all ages, from toddlers all the way up to teenagers, love Star Wars. Seriously.

From Han Solo to Yoda to everybody in between, they just can’t get enough of Star Wars. This is especially true for young boys.

If you want to blow your kids’ minds, and take them to another world, check out the Star Wars tours in this part of California.

Buena Park Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Another great place you can take your kids to that has kid-friendly pirate theme is the Buena Park Pirate’s Dinner Adventure.

It’s a great place where many families with kids flock to.

Whale-Watching while checking out Orange County Beaches

There are many different tours that center around the different beaches in Orange County. Please understand it that Anaheim is in Orange County, and this place is a chock-full of different beaches.

These beaches are quite historic because they are what put California surfing and surfing lifestyle on the map.

A lot of Americans from all four corners of the continental United States historically moved to California precisely because of the awesome beaches.

If you come from the middle of the country, do yourself a big favor, and just check out what the beaches have to offer.

If there are available whale-watching tours, take advantage of those because they are a sight to behold.

Universal Studios Tour

If you are a big fan of Battlestar, Galactica, Jaws or other movies produced by Universal Studios, one great side trip that you can take far away from Anaheim is to go up the hills in San Fernando Valley to check out the Universal Studios tour.

Believe me, it is a trip worth your time and money because you get a lot of Hollywood specific theme attractions.

The whole place is well developed with amazing restaurants.  It was built small, so you don’t have to leave the studio tour to find a place to eat.

Everything is there, and the food tastes awesome. It’s relatively affordable, and you get a condensed trip where every attraction is made available to you in a small tour.

Catalina Island Day Tour

This is a personal favorite. If you are going to Orange County for the first time, it’s a good idea to go to Catalina Island.

This island is right off-the-coast of Orange County, and it is an amazing place. You get the sun, the fun, and the sand.

It’s a great place to go sunbathing, swimming, and to do boating or sailing.

On top of that, there are hills in Santa Catalina Island so, you can get a nice geographic diversity. There’re a lot of restaurants as well.

Whatever it is you’re into, Santa Catalina Island is a great day tour. If you have teen kids, they would appreciate this quite a bit.

On the other hand, if you have toddlers, they will enjoy the marina or the harbor part of the island. There’s enough for all people of all ages.

Los Angeles Tour

Los Angeles is really an amazing place because people from all over the world have migrated to Los Angeles and have made it their own.

Regardless of what kind of food and cultural experience you have in mind, Los Angeles is the place to go to.

You can take your kids to Chinatown and check out the shops and restaurants. Then get on a bus to go to Hollywood. It has its own distinct personality and flavors as well.

If you’re looking for a holistic tour with kids, it’s not just Anaheim. You have a lot more options than just spending eight hours in Disneyland with your children.

If you plan your trip right, you can unlock everything that this part of California has to offer.

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