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It’s easy to think that if you go to Anaheim, CA, the only reason will be to go visit Disneyland. This is, after all, what millions of people from all over the world know about Anaheim, CA. They think that Anaheim is nothing without Disneyland. It’s as if Walt Disney came into a deserted city, with no life of its own, and the magic of Mickey Mouse and the Disney Studios brought the city to life. Then, Anaheim magically emerged around the famous theme park. To be fair, Disneyland truly kind of did that. It brought its enchanting charm to Anaheim. However, the part about the city being dead before the theme park came is what’s untrue.

If that’s your impression about Anaheim, you are far from the truth. Anaheim has been around for a long time even before Walt Disney set foot in this part of the country. Seriously. It has a history of its own and a lot of other places to offer to visitors and travelers apart from Disneyland. If Disneyland were to close its doors, as impossible as that may seem, Anaheim still lives. It may lose a lot of the tourists that go to the city just for Disneyland. It will feel the economic loss, but it will still flourish as more and more people realize how much it can give.

So, if you are looking for Anaheim-exclusive attractions both in Disneyland and those which are offered in nearby areas, there’s a plethora of wonderful places to choose from. If you’re thinking of taking pictures to post on your Facebook wall or on Instagram and other social media platforms, or maybe you want to make videos to be posted on YouTube, keep in mind that you don’t have to restrict yourself to those that you can take at Disneyland. While those are awesome, they are all too common. Also, if you’re an adult, you might want to consider being photographed in other places than this kid-friendly park. I can understand that kids may want to focus their efforts in this place, but adults can actually diversify.

I know people expect you to have mostly Disneyland pictures when they learned that you are visiting Anaheim. In fact, you may have expected quite the same for yourself. There is nothing wrong with this. Take hundreds of Disneyland pictures if you wish. The good thing about camera technology today is that there is no limit as to the storage as long as your equipment can hold it. Even mobile phones can hold so much pictures and videos. So, you can take all the pictures and videos that you want. The point is just not to stop there.

It’s much better to add a little diversity to your trip by taking pictures of so many other places in Anaheim. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post pictures of your trip to Disneyland, but you might want to mix things up a bit to add a little of the local color and adventure that Anaheim brings to the table. Believe me, Anaheim is not second-rate when it comes to creating a lot of fun and excitement for your vacation. What better way to show the world that you have had a truly amazing Anaheim experience than to post photos that feature different places around the city than just Disneyland. There is no shortage of scenic places in this part of the world. Even places which are not necessarily tourist attractions are worthy to be in your photographs. What more the really cool places all around.

I’ve compiled a fairly short list of 10 Anaheim and Anaheim-adjacent locations. Some of these are in the areas surrounding the city.

Please understand that Anaheim is in Southern California. It is in a place called Orange County. Surrounding Orange County is San Diego and Los Angeles County, and both counties have a lot of attractions. San Diego, for example, has amazing beaches and coastal culture. Los Angeles, on the other hand, has Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and fantastic local attractions.

The list that I have given you below is ranked in terms of the charm and beauty of each location, as shown in pictures. If you want awesome photos, these are the places to check out. I intended this list to be a starting point so you can do your own research by getting on TripAdvisor and browse suggested alternatives. This is not an exhaustive list nor an authoritative one. You can add, take away, and modify as you wish. This is just to give you the idea that it’s very easy to come up with at least 10 places that you can go to in Anaheim that would look really fantastic as you chronicle your Anaheim journey.

With no further ado, here is my shortlist of the top 10 best places in Anaheim where you can take pictures.

Panorama Nature Reserve

Oak Canyon Nature Center Parks

Court des Anges Photo Spots

Noguchi Museum

Hillcrest Park

Fullerton Arboretum (my personal favorite)

Secret Garden

Riverbed Farm

Mountain View Park

Anaheim Coves Park and Scenery

Again, go through the list above just to get you started but remember that there are a lot of other places to check out in nearby areas, both in the center of Anaheim and surrounding parks.

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