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If you find yourself in Anaheim, know that there are a lot of things that you can do in Orange County. It’s very tempting to go straight to Disney Resorts and Disneyland and just call it a day. That would be too bad because you will have spent your hard-earned dollars not being able to maximize your trip.

It would be great to look at everything that Anaheim and the greater Orange County metropolitan area, as well as Los Angeles County, have to offer.

Plus, if you think that Disneyland is incredible, you should see Los Angeles and its extremely diverse attractions. It has so many different things going on at any point in time, that it is pretty much Disneyland for adults.

So, if you have a specific trip planned for your family in Disneyland, take a side trip to the surrounding areas so you can fully enjoy your Anaheim experience. All these other places have something to offer. Here are some of them.

Disney Resort

This list will not be complete if you don’t stop at Disneyland. When people vacation in Anaheim, it is for one reason and one reason alone—it is to visit Disneyland.

So, do yourself a big favor. Start your Anaheim trip by going to Disneyland, spending some time in the Disney Resort, and just immersing yourself in the great fun and sun of this magical place.

Also, make sure you carve a lot of time for this because Disneyland is just so packed with attractions that you really will run out of time. One day will not be enough.

The Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’re looking for adventure rides and you’re not very particular with show-themed or cartoon-themed attractions, Knott’s Berry Farm is right up your alley. It’s a pretty straightforward theme park with typical amusement park rides.

Kids’ Adventure City

This is great for families with small kids.

The theme park is specifically set up for little children. It’s a great way to explore the warmth and the sunny outdoors of Southern California with your kids.

Lakeside picnic parks

There are many lakeside parks in Orange County. A famous one is Yorba National Park.

If you’re looking for a little bit of greenery and some fresh air, as well as a more relaxed environment, you might want to go to this national park and have a barbecue or enjoy a packed lunch right by the lake. It has excellent walking trails and a lot of nature paths. It’s a great way to take a breather and deal with the stress that comes from visiting a people-packed theme park. You can just chill out with your family and play frisbee or hang out by the water.

Anaheim Whitehouse Restaurant

If you’re looking for local restaurants that are quite legendary in Anaheim, you might want to consider the Ranch Restaurant and Saloon or the Anaheim Whitehouse. They offer great food, and they also have a lot of history.

When you check out these restaurants, you are walking into and eating at a distinctive piece of Southern California Orange County culinary history.


Legoland in California is very close to Anaheim. How close? We’re talking about an hour’s drive. If you’re coming from San Diego, it’s even closer. It’s just half an hour away.

Legoland is fantastic for kids. If they love LEGO or even if they’re not LEGO fans and they just want an alternative theme park, Legoland is the place to be. It’s a very colorful world, it teases your kid’s creativity, and adults have a great time too because Legoland has so much to offer for groups of all ages.

Los Angeles

Whether you’re an adult group or a party of people with kids, Los Angeles is the place to be.

Los Angeles stretches from the beach on the west side–to the hills of the north and the east. There’s a lot to explore in terms of proximity to tourist attractions

If you’re a big fan of Mexican food or Southeast Asian cuisine, visit Los Angeles. If you love Chinese food, Los Angeles Chinatown is quite legendary.

So, whether you’re into food, the L.A. Dodgers, or Hollywood, there are just so many things to explore in Los Angeles. It is a very diverse place–not only in terms of people and cuisines but also in districts. It’s as if all these districts have different histories and personalities that you learn about as you visit.

Anaheim Packing District

This is a Farmers’ Market, and it’s an excellent place for foodies.

If you want organic fresh food, Anaheim has this food hall and Farmers’ Market that would blow you away. Whatever exotic ingredients you’re into or amazing flavors that you’re thinking of exploring, this is the place to do it.

Angel Stadium

If want to watch a baseball game, the Angel Stadium is where you need to be. The Anaheim Angels is a legendary team, and it’s a great place to enjoy the very best of all-American baseball.

Universal Studios tour

If you’re a big movie fan and you want to see a little bit of life behind the scenes in a Hollywood studio, one of the best ways to do it is through the Universal Studios tour.

You get to see the props. You get to see the sets that they have set up for classic movies. You will also have a good time in the theme parks and the rides.

Once all this is said and done, you can then take your family to nearby excellent restaurants that make up Universal Studios. Whether you’re looking for memorabilia to buy, great food to eat, or amazing sights to behold, Universal Studios has got you covered.


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