Top 10 Things for Adults to Do in Anaheim, California

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Let’s get real here for a second.  When most people travel from all over the United States to Anaheim, California in Orange County, they usually have one thing and only one thing in mind. That’s right—they go to Disneyland. After all, for the longest time, Disneyland has become the main attraction in this part of Southern California.

It is no surprise then that a lot of people have this idea in their heads that if you’re going to Anaheim, California, you’re doing it basically to entertain your kids.

As impressive as Disneyland may be—with its diverse and wide selection of rides, food, and attractions, the truth is it’s mostly a kids’ entertainment venue. Only a few people will argue with this.

You only need to look at the Toy Story rides, and the Lion King shows to get a full appreciation of the value that Disneyland brings to the table. When it comes to wholesome family entertainment, whether you have teenagers or toddlers, it’s hard to beat Disneyland.

Now, with that out of the way, what if you are an adult? What if you are taking your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife on an adult-only trip to Anaheim? Is there anything to do?

Well, it turns out that there are a lot of things to do. You must understand that Anaheim has been around for a long time. It’s not like this town magically sprung up when Walt Disney set foot in this part of Orange County.

It’s been around before Disneyland was even built. I know it sounds crazy because, for too many people, Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park are pretty much the same as Anaheim. The moment somebody says Anaheim, the only thing people think about is Disneyland.

The insinuation, of course, is that there is nothing else to do in Anaheim. Anaheim is basically, in the minds of so many people, a one-trick pony. Well, get that idea out of your head. The truth is there are lots of things to do in Anaheim itself.

On top of that, if you are willing to jump on a freeway, which is the highway system in Southern California, you can easily access a lot of the attractions and nightlife the surrounding counties, cities, and towns have to offer.

Please understand that Orange County California is in a very strategic place in Southern California. You’re only a highway away from San Diego and Los Angeles. When you go to San Diego, there are so many things to do in the coastal area, as well as near the border.

In L.A., you will never run out of options. Seriously. That is not an understatement, nor is it an exaggeration. There are just so many things out there to do. Before you know it, your vacation is over. Your options quickly run out because you only have so much time.

View the list that I’m going to share with you below with this context in mind. Please understand that there’s a lot more going on in Anaheim than just Disneyland. If you believe that, you’re going to have a good time.

If you could have somebody watch your kids or if you can afford to go as a couple, there’s a lot you can do outside and beyond the walls of Disneyland. Here are just some of the fun activities adults can take advantage of.

  • Watch a baseball game in Anaheim at the Angel Stadium
  • Watch an excellent hockey game at the Honda Stadium featuring the local Anaheim Ducks
  • Eat at In-N-Out Burger (This is a must-do. In-N-Out Burger is synonymous with Southern California burgers. You really would be doing yourself a big disservice if you don’t stop by In-N-Out at least once during your vacation. In-N-Out is, in fact, one of the main reasons why people go to Disneyland in Southern California in the first place. It is a burger fanatic’s dream come true)
  • Eat out with your honey at the Anaheim Packing District
  • Check out the flight deck and enjoy all-too-realistic flight simulation entertainment
  • Let your hair down at the Brewery X Artisanal Brewery Pub and Bar
  • Enjoy an adult night out at the Offshore 9 Rooftop Lounge (Get a beautiful view and enjoy lots of well-made drinks)
  • Blind Rabbit Speakeasies and Gastropub
  • The Cliffs Sports Bars (A must-visit for serious sports fans)
  • Second Base Bar and Grill (if you’re a big baseball fan. This is a great themed restaurant)
  • Mission Control Bar and Arcades

If you’re pressed for time and can’t do all the above, at least watch a baseball game and check out the bars. There are lots of great adult things to do in Anaheim, California. It has quite a bit of vibrant nightlife, believe it or not.


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