Top 10 Online Ticket Booking Platforms to Consider When Flying to Disneyland

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If you are looking for online companies to consider when flying to Disneyland, you may be thinking that you just need a list, and you would be able to find the very best airline tickets. A lot of Americans throughout the country think this way.

Unfortunately, they find out in the worst way possible that this is just part of the equation. Make no mistake. If you have a long list of online ticket platforms, there’s a good chance that you will save money. There’s no doubt about that.

The problem is, why settle for a small amount of savings when it turns out that you can save way more money? This is the issue, and a lot of people leave a lot of money on the table by settling for whatever few pennies they save here and there by using typical airline booking platforms.

Here’s the secret. You’re going to save money not so much through the platform, but through your timing.

The secret to platform savings

When going through online companies to consider when flying to Disneyland, you are going to get a list of the usual suspects.

When you type in all sorts of keywords related to flying to Disneyland on Google, you’re going to keep seeing the same platforms repeatedly. You would see their ads. It’s as if they’re all over the place.

It’s so crazy that when you take a break from planning your trip, and you check out your Facebook timeline, it seems like the ads from these places are following you. But here’s the secret. It’s not which platform you use that determines how much money you save. It’s not even the airline.

For example, if you’re traveling from Southeast Asia or Eastern Asia, China Eastern Airlines is almost always the hands-down winner as far as savings go.

I’ve done many searches on trips from Tokyo to Los Angeles or Bangkok to LAX, and China Eastern Airlines almost always shows up at the top or at least at the top three. It’s predictable. It’s like clockwork. It’s not the airlines, believe it or not.

If you take advantage of the tip that I’m going to share with you, you’re going to blow away whatever savings China Eastern Airlines or Southwestern Airlines, if you’re arriving domestically, brings to the table.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about timing your vacation correctly. Please understand that you have no illusions regarding your upcoming vacation. Your vacation is all about one thing and one thing alone: visiting Disneyland.

Since you know that this is all about Disneyland all day, every day, then it’s a good idea to look at booking patterns for Disneyland and matching airplane tickets and fares.

Here’s the secret. If you book your flight before Thanksgiving—and we’re talking about late fall in Southern California, you save a lot of money while at the same time ensuring that all your other costs are lower. No kidding. This is not an exaggeration, nor is it a theory. This is a real deal.

Why? If you do not book very close to Thanksgiving, this is the low season at Disneyland. So, you are going to save money on airfare, especially book three to four months ahead of time.

Wait. The savings don’t end there. Not only do you save money on your airplane tickets, but you also save money on your hotel billings. Whether you’re renting a room at a motel or booking an actual hotel room, you save quite a bit of money because there are fewer tourists around that time.

A lot of people think that it’s going to be too cold. This is perfectly understandable because people from Northern climates in the United States like Michigan, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Massachusetts—in their neck of the woods, it gets cold near the end of autumn or fall. But in Southern California, it’s manageably cool. It’s not chilly at all.

If you come from the Northern States, the climate in Southern California is very pleasant. You would wish that this was the weather back home. Do you see how this works?

The rooms get cheap, and here’s how you can save a lot. If you want to collapse—and I’m talking about just crashing your accommodations rates through the floor, rent through Airbnb. Rent at a place that is reasonably nice but located some distance away from Disneyland.

If you follow this formula, you stand to save quite a bit of money. Are we talking about a few dozen dollars here and there? No. I’m talking about hundreds of dollars. We’re talking real money here.

It’s well worth it if you are operating within a tight budget. Why? You could spend that money you save taking home all sorts of stuffed toys that your kids want to buy. You can eat at fancier places.

I’m sure you can come up with a long list of things that you could do with extra money. I’ll leave that up to you. I’m sure you know what to do with your own money.

As the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. Now, with that out of the way, what ten online companies should you consider when flying to Disneyland? Below is a shortlist.

Please understand that this is just a starter list. You can look for related companies so you can cross-compare the different prices among the same airlines.

When you’re able to do that, you will be able to find the best prices for your travel dates. Please understand that you must compare apples-to-apples.

This means that if you find a cheap airline in one search, see if you can find the same airline at another search. If not, then make sure that the airline that’s offering the lowest fare is comparable. Here’s the shortlist:

  • STAtravel
  • Expedia
  • Orbitz
  • Kayak

Enjoy your trip. Please understand that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A little bit of advanced planning and strategic buying at this stage of your vacation can pay off handsomely down the road.

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