Some Things to Think about when Looking for Authentic Anaheim Local Food

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It’s very tempting to think that if you’ve eaten at Disneyland while you are visiting with your kids and your family that you have already eaten Anaheim food. This is a very common misunderstanding. Just because you eat at Disneyland, and it is technically and geographically located within the territorial parameters of Anaheim Orange County, then you have eaten in Anaheim. That is technically true. Yes, if you eat at any of the restaurants and kiosks at Disneyland as you go from ride to ride and attraction to attraction, you have technically eaten at Anaheim.

However, who are you fooling? People know that there is such a thing as local and authentic food. Whether you’re going to Rome, Italy or you’re going to Tokyo, Japan or Manila, Philippines, you’re not really eating local food if you head straight to the closest McDonald’s. Plus, it would really be a shame. Seriously.

You traveled halfway around the world. You’re in a new culture. You see an amazing new place with all its distinctive charms and attractions, and what do you do? That’s right. You head straight to the familiar. You go directly to the Golden Arches, and you get yourself a Big Mac.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing this at least once in your trip, but don’t let yourself fall into the common trap of just distrusting the local cuisine and refusing to eat anything but big-brand fast food. This is what a lot of tourists do. I have nothing against it, but I want you to keep in mind that you’re cheating yourself out of an amazing experience. They say that you haven’t really experienced a certain place if you have not tasted their local food. This holds true for Anaheim. If you don’t try out the local cuisine, you haven’t really known Anaheim. You have sorely missed the point of the visit.

There’s a lot to explore in the local area and just because you haven’t been to these restaurants, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unclean, or that they are not worth your visit.

In fact, Southern California has an excellent health-ranking system. Restaurants have signs that are to be hung outside their establishments, by law, showing their health rating. It goes from A to C, and if a restaurant is rated A, you know that the health department in that local region has certified the place as very safe to eat at.

So, if safety is your main concern, and you’re really freaked out about the possibility of catching an illness during your trip to Anaheim, you can rest assured that the county’s health-ranking system will take care of you. So, get that out of your head. Instead, focus on the benefits. Focus on exploring the culinary landscape that Anaheim has to offer.

Please understand that people from all over the world have migrated to Anaheim andit’s easy to see why. Not only are there lots of jobs at Disneyland, there are also lots of economic opportunities around the area. Anaheim is a bustling city with all its lovely places and amazing sights to see that people are naturally gravitating towards it, whether to visit or to settle permanently.

Also, Orange County is well known throughout the United States to have some of the best-run schools. In other words, when kids go to these schools, they tend to go to excellent colleges eventually. That’s how high the quality of the free educational public-school system is in many parts of Orange County. It is then not a surprise that people from India, the Philippines, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Canada, and elsewhere, flock to this part of California. After all, education is a huge determinant to the success of our young generation that the quality of schools is an important consideration when moving to a certain place.

On top of that, it has great beaches. It has amazing weather pretty much all year round. It also has a wide diversity of places to live in. So, if you can’t afford to live near the beach where houses start out in the millions, you can go into the interior and start out with a condo. It’s all up to you and your preferences and priorities.

This diversity is also reflected in the local cuisine. When you think of truly local Anaheim, you see global cuisine, but with one difference. It has a distinctive Orange County spunk so the restaurants that I’m going to list below have this mix of diverse food or specialty food origins but with the distinctive Southern California Orange County Anaheim twist.

Check out the list below. Please understand that this is just a starting list. Feel free to look for similar areas to explore. Also, feel free to add or take out items from this list.

The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon

Umami Burger

Anaheim Seafood Market

Healthy Junk Vegan Food

Napa Rose Restaurant and Bar (please note that this is a fine dining restaurant)

Olive Tree Middle Eastern Cuisine

Anaheim White House Restaurant (note this is fine dining)

Mi Casa Mexicana

Mimi’s Cafe Anaheim

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Cajun and Creole Cuisine

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