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Usually, when people go to Anaheim, they go to Disneyland. This is the main attraction in Anaheim, CA. However, there’s more to this Orange County city than the Mickey Mouse theme park. Let go of the idea in your head that Anaheim and Disneyland are one and the same. If you look at the map and if you walk the area around Disneyland, you will quickly discover that this town has a life of its own. It has a distinct identity separate from Disneyland.

With that said, if you are looking for night life in Anaheim, and you don’t want to spend it at Disney resorts, check out the following fun places to go.

Check out the list belows for Some Fun Things to Do in Anaheim at Night

Haunted Mansion Holiday

A great thing to do at night is to go to the Haunted Mansion Holiday. This is big during the Halloween. If you want to get scared and have fun at the same time, this is where you should go. It’s a great place to visit right before you hit the bars in the nearby area. A great way to just relax and hang out with adult friends and family.

LAG Bar and Arcades

If you want to be in a fun environment where adult people can drink and play games, this is the place to go. It’s exquisitely designed and has a fantastic overall layout. It has made quite a bit of a local reputation as a hangout place if you just want to chill out with your friends and enjoy a few drinks.

Mission Escape Games

If you want to play some games with a sense of adventure, Mission Escape Games is for you. This is a place for gamers who want to have fun in a pretty laid-back environment. Not for the hardcore gamers, though, or the level of intensity or competition will not satisfy you. This place is for those who just want to relax with a significant other or with some friends and it’s a nice addition to the diverse activities you can engage in in Anaheim.

K1 Speed Amusement Parks

This is a huge amusement park. There are many reasons why people go here, but primarily they are after the go-kart rides. If you want to add a little extra twist to your date or to your night out with your significant other, this is a great place to bring her to. It’s not for the serious racers, though. You don’t go here to be ultra-competitive. You go here to have fun and to enjoy a nice race with your date or your friends. It brings a nice mix to your otherwise restaurant-and-bar-hopping kind of night.  

Just do yourself a big favor. Since you are going to do some driving in this place, try not to go drunk. If you’re feeling a bit tipsy, you might want to sober up a little before checking out the go-kart rides at this amazing amusement park.

Los Angeles Arboretum

The Los Angeles Arboretum is Los Angeles County’s official greenhouse. It is a collection of great trees and vegetation from all over the world. It is a well-landscaped place. It is one of the best-kept secrets for Los Angeles and greater Southern California travelers. Make no mistake, if you’re going to be visiting Anaheim, you only need to hop on a freeway to get to the Los Angeles Arboretum and enjoy everything that this great place has to offer.

One of the best seasonal attractions it offers is the Moonlight Forest Lantern Festival. Everything is decked out in a festive theme. It gives an otherworldly experience for guests especially if you go there right when the sun sets. There’s just a one of a kind, magical aura to this place that would make for great first dates or anniversary celebrations. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, you have come to the right place.

626 Night Market

Whether you’re looking for some memorabilia of your trip to Anaheim, CA and Disneyland or you just want to enjoy a great night market experience, this place has you covered.

It is no surprise that people from all over the world go to this night market as a crucial part of their overall Disneyland or Anaheim vacation package. It seems that travel planners and travel agents intentionally add this to everyone’s itinerary and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for great items at dirt-cheap prices, this is the place to go to. Also, the thrill of the hunt when you go look for bargain-priced items is part of the night market’s distinctive charm and beauty.

Anaheim Night Market

Usually, night markets are all about selling trinkets, gadgets, and clothing. It’s just a glorified flea market but held at night. The big difference between the typical night market and Anaheim night market is that it has a lot of food available and an area where you can sit down and eat. There’s a tremendous amount of stuff that you can shop for in a fun and festive environment. If you are looking for a nice little diversion to your night-life plans, you might want to begin your itinerary by taking a short trip to the Anaheim night market.

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