How to Rent Rooms in Anaheim: 14 Best Ways if You are Going to Disneyland

Cheap Rooms for Rent in Anaheim, CA

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It’s very tempting to just go to the hotels provided by the Disney theme park. The problem with this solution is that it’s not much of a solution at all.

If you value your hard-earned dollars, please understand that you are paying quite a premium for the convenience of nearby accommodations. In fact, for the most part, you are paying for the brand.

You’re shelling out a huge amount of cash for the privilege of staying at a Disney branded location. Keep in mind that you’re probably not traveling just to stay in a room. Let’s get that out of the way.

If you can separate your need for the room and the utility of that room as far as your travels go, you can save a lot of money. Why? You can do what a lot of people do throughout the world.

When they visit tourist hotspots and convention centers, they rent a room temporarily using online classified ads and online services. On the internet, there are many resources you can use to get a room temporarily.

Whether you’re going to be staying near Disneyland for a day or a week, these solutions have you covered. The best part is you can save quite a bit of money. We’re talking about upwards of 70% discount from a top-notch or five-star hotel.

You don’t have to go the extra mile as far as expenses are concerned when you can use such services for short term renting. Here are 11 of the best ways to rent a room in Anaheim:


Trulia is an app that lets you rent a home. If you have your heart set on staying at a home instead of a room, Trulia is the way to go.


Roomgo is a great option because it is specifically tailored to people looking for individual rooms to rent. This can be an issue if you are traveling to Disneyland in a large group.

Chances are you probably would need to book several rooms in different locations through Roomgo. If you’re looking for an efficient way to do it, Roomgo the way to go.


Craigslist has been around since forever. It’s one of the first brands on the internet when it comes to online classifieds.

It is no surprise that this is the go-to resource for a lot of people looking for a cheap place to stay if they’re not going to spend a long time in a city. Anaheim has a lot of listings for rooms to rent on Craigslist.


Facebook marketplace can be a great place to look for rentals. You can also look for specialized pages on Facebook. There are a lot of deals there. The only question is availability.


Trovit is an online platform for apartments and houses for rent. It is more flexible than other online platforms, but the main question is the duration of your stay.

Most listings insist on at least a one month stay, but you may be able to find a place that is available for a shorter term.


PadMapper is a great resource. It would be able to help you find a quick rental. Again, this platform can suffer from the same issues as Trulia and Trovit.


Reddit is, of course, the internet homepage. A lot of people post for the latest updates and other kinds of information on Reddit. It’s one of the most popular online forums on the internet.

With that said, Reddit can suffer from availability issues. While there’s guaranteed inventory during particularly busy times of the year, you’re probably going to have slim pickings for the rest of the time.

Still, Reddit is a good mix to your search list if you’re looking for cheap rooms to rent in Anaheim.


This is a great platform along with

These are online platforms that allow you to check out different types of real estate for rent. It’s a great place to start. If anything, it helps you price the spots that you’re thinking of renting out.

Nestpick and These two services are great for figuring out the prevailing price in an area. It can also help you find hard to find inventory.

Friends, family, and school alumni

Make sure you reach out to friends and family members in the greater Southern California area. They might have the inside scoop on a cheap room to rent. They might even have cheap rooms that they can allow you to stay in for a very minimal amount.

The same goes for school alumni. There are a lot of very friendly and helpful alumni in your network. Tap that network and you’d be surprised as to what kind of resources you would get access to.


Worse comes to worst, you can check out PennySaver which is an online classified platform. There are many people in Anaheim posting up all sorts of rooms that are available.

The great thing about PennySaver is that they can help you zero in on short term rentals. You’re not necessarily stuck with a one-month commitment.

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